Over fascia protection is important in order to protect timber rafters and any fascia backing boards. Ventilation into the cold roof void is important in order to inhibit mould and rot taking hold.

Over Fascia Protector

Excellent protection for fascia boards which also supports the sarking felt behind the fascia. Does not incorporate ventilation.

Vented Eaves Protector

As above but incorporating an over fascia ventilation unit providing a continuous 10mm air path at the eaves. Can be used with C405 Birdcomb.


To be mounted on the top of Eaves Protector or Vented Eaves Protector above to stop birds and large insects entering the roof void under the raised section of some tiles.

Over Fascia Ventilators

Alternative to vented soffits. These units secure directly to the top of the fascia and will support the bottom row of tiles. 10mm and 25mm continuous air gap versions available.